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28 Mon

Today I only have four days left working at Kaiser Permanente. This has been my 3rd time working here, and I am writing this posting while I am leading a team of engineers doing some incredible work. We are on a night time change bridge to implement firewalls in a very established network and to have to do this without any impact on the network. This can be very tedious and nerve-wracking on a person, but its the right thing to do. I can't believe we are doing this change even after we backed it out when the first attempt caused a small section of users to face some asymmetric routing issues.

I am looking forward to taking a week off of work when I leave this position and start my new role at Kaiser Aluminum. Its interesting I am going to have worked for two Henry Kaiser Corporations in my lifetime. I wish I could have met the guy to see how he did it all. I do think I will pick up his book and finally read it.

In my personal life, today was a day without Abby. Her mother just recently moved into the area and has been around more to take her to school. Today we both felt awful when Abby called from school at 12:30; we didn't realize it was an early day/week for her, and both of us forgot to meet her at school. I quickly ran down the street to meet her on the walk home. She didn't seem to bother by it, and she handled it very well and maturely. She walked with one of her friends from class and had a pretty good stroll home.

I miss her on the days I don't have her, but she is adjusting well knowing her mother, and I love her and care for her. We had her parent-teacher conference today. Abby seems to be doing great in her new school, and from what her teacher says she is identifying with her team sport of volleyball.